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New to Me: Bog Tea Shop 波哥茶飲

How can you possibly consume all the tea and coffee in Taiwan? Glass by glass, let's see if I can! This morning I ventured slightly outside of my neighborhood and found a nice cup of green WenShan tea at Bog Tea shop right at next to the Da'an MRT on South Fuxing Rd in Taipei. Ordering tea in Taiwan can be a little overwhelming, but there are plenty of good resources to help beginners . I usually take my tea with half ice and half sugar. Even so, this green tea was a little on the sweet side. A few bitter notes linger which I like. The English, Japanese, and Chinese menu is very foreigner friendly. Click the images for a larger version. Bog Tea Shop Da'An Branch; 波哥茶飲大安區 台北大安區復興南路一段321號 No. 321, Sec. 1 Fuxing South Rd, Da’an District, Taipei Bog Tea Shop Da'an  Facebook page

New to Me: Origines Taipei

How many nights can you eat broccoli for dinner? Too many. I've been eating broccoli for years. I'm shaking loose. I'm going nuts. I'm challenging myself to try one new restaurant, food or beverage item a day. Taiwan is an awesome place to be eating out, and I need to take advantage. To stay accountable I will try to post what I'm digesting here in daily briefs.  Tonight, Thursday, September 29th: The lovely understated entrance and logo of Origines Table Francais bistro restaurant in the Da'an district of Taipei off of Dunhau Rd and around the corner from a whole collection of other hip and boundary pushing restaurants. My friend and I went split-sies and shared three appetizers and one main. This Salad Nicoise was full of delightful bites including an expertly roasted cherry tomato and some red pepper puree. I loved it. Next up was some amazing bone marrow, which was demolished before I photographed it. Take my word, it was great.