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Peanut Butter Graham Crackers

Graham cracker squares You may be thinking to yourself, "Why isn't Naomi / Cantaloupe Alone posting more recipes." Well fair reader I am recently acutely aware of what I am eating (read post Christmas cookie detoxing still ) and its pretty boring. Lentils, black beans, and chickpeas and the vegetables is about it. This week I needed a break from my high fiber, carb -light kitchen. I needed a light snack. Crispy and a little sweet, not a full on cookie, but you know something. Graham crackers are also the base of about a hundred and one other delicious snacks too which could include: nutella and banana, a bit of apricot jam and sharp cheese, apples and more peanut butter, cream cheese and a sprinkle of something sweet. Can you imagine being the proud baker who shows up to a camping trip with homemade graham crackers for s'mores ! You may not ever live that one down. These graham crackers are pretty good. I looked around and found this recipe from Serious Eats,

Video Break - Cooking Minute

Kudos to videographer and blogger Aaron Fuks for creating this most awesome cooking video of me in my Brooklyn kitchen. I made a winter pizza with my csa goods. You can see the full recipe on his website:

Foraged Feast

Wine from a log? Whole squirrels on a platter? Raw venison? Candied Goose. I ate and drank it all up under a candle lit chandelier a few weeks back at Issue Project Room Species of Space Foraged Dinner. Well foraged is an over statement. Most of the food (venison deer meat) was hunted. Read my full story on Socially Superlative . Door crew Pick a wine to drink from. I got kinda attached to mine. Hot buttered rum with pine needle swizzle stick. Deer jerky and apple leather with pine needles appetizer. Forget serving whole raw pine needles. Doesn't work. The free-form table foraged from Jersey wetlands made of timber and branches. Some dumped by contractors, some dumped by 2011 hurricane Irene. Nuts and seeds to get you through the winter. Ceramic vessels for eating and drinking. Each a unique shape, each holding a different portion, some with holes not holding anything. Venison stew with winter squash is inside. Cold charred venison with "seal oil.&

Onion Focaccia

Onions and yeast, ah the smell of it makes me drooly Onions and wheat never go out of season (really just have a long shelf life) nor do they go out of style. In the dead of winter a hot loaf of bread is a breath of fresh air. Focaccia is a non-baker's friend. Its just pizza dough with extra oil. You don't have to knead if you have a food processor, and I suggest having a food processor. The other nice thing about this recipe is that the dough gets better the longer you let it sit in the fridge. Which means you can make mulitple batches of the dough in advance and bake it up in a snap without much effort. Its alittle richer than your average pizza dough recipe, but don't let that stop you from making pizzas with it. Onion Focaccia 5 cups flour .25 oz (or 2.5 tsp) active dry yeast 2 tsp sea salt 1 tsp honey 1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar 1/4 cup oil 1 3/4 cup warm water 4 onions 1 tsp olive oil, more for drizzeling red pepper flakes to taste 1 tsp apple cide

KWT Winter CSA Month 3 February

I wasn't expecting a rainbow of foods in February. We are digging deeper into the dog days of winter, which means we must dig for our food too. 3 varieties of potatoes, daikon , two kinds of onion, garlic, beets, carrots, turnips. I'm gonna list this down below, that's a tubular amount of tubers. I'm glad for the 2 spots of green collards and salad mix, which I will thoroughly wash. Slugs! I found 4 slugs in last month's greens. I'm sorry to say there probably were more that I unintentionally ingested. I was a little too disgusted to photograph them, but next time I catch one I will publish the evidence. Kensington Windsor Terrace Winter CSA Month 3 February 1 head cabbage 1 bag collards 1 little bag salad greens 1 shallot 1 red onion 2 heads garlic 10 medium and large beets 5 medium diakon radishes 5 large carrots 4 medium turnips 3 lbs red potatoes 2 lbs russet potatoes 2 lb sweet potatoes I'm thinking the cabbage will become sauerkraut , which I hav

Dirt Talk Two: Geology and Soils of New York City with Dr. Charles Merguerian

Dirt Talk Two: Geology and Soils of New York City with Dr. Charles Merguerian Ample overview of regional geology, the talk will zero in on the geology and soils of Brooklyn by Dr. Merguerian of Hofstra University and Duke Geological Laboratory and the nationally recognized leading authority of the NYC area. Tuesday Feb 21st, 2012 8 - 9:00 pm Downstairs @ Sycamore Bar and Flowershop, 21+ 1118 Cortelyou RD, BK (Q train to Cortelyou) Hosted by Meera Bhat Facebook invite ---------- Geological discoveries in the fields of hard rock and glacial geology have been made during the past four decades of research, the result of continuous mapping and laboratory research on collected samples from New York City. Indeed, access to surface and subsurface exposures has produced a treasure trove of geological information that alters our view of the Paleozoic tectonic development of this portion of the Appalachian mountain chain as well as the Pleistocene glacial history of New York City and v