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A Taroko Gorge Day Trip From Taipei

I need to confess. I've been living in Taiwan for 4.5 years now, and never visited the Taroko Gorge National Park , Taiwan's most famous tourist destination. I have been to its nearby city, Hualien, but never the sweet spot. Because it is most often mentioned on all the most very touristy lists, I wrote it off as too far to get to for too little payoff. I assumed it would be an amazing view worthy of 10 minutes of photo taking crowded with tourists, and not an entire park filled with natural wonder and options. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Taroko is located on  Taiwan's scenic East Coast , just North of the center. It can be visited as a stop on the whole East Coast, or in a day from Taipei. The park is free, so organizing transportation is the main expense. It is possible to rent a car and drive yourself, but even easier is to take an express train from Taipei Main Station via the TRA . The high-speed rail does not connect with Hualien. A ticket can be booked online,