Eat Together Buffet 餐食天堂

Lining up in the lobby before dinner service
From the gigantic seating area
Stadium sized buffet
Living in Taipei has changed me in ways I never could have predicted. I love buffets. Buffets in Taiwan range from affordable to glamorously decadent. In America, a buffet was mostly a cattle call with troughs of macaroni salad, jello, and some meat-like foods. In Taiwan, it means lobsters, champagne, European cheese, sushi, and duck. Buffeting has become a hobby for my boyfriend and I. We've scoured the internet for photos and reviews and tried 8-10 so far. Yes, I have suffered from a few, but most all are a wonderful way to spend an evening.

fresh sushi
Sashimi station has the longest lines
Boiled shrimp and crab
More sushi
Japanese tempura and grilled items are all excellent
Eat Together Buffet 餐食天堂 in Dazhi, next to the 美麗華 Miramar cinema and mall is my favorite. For $1100 NTD (less than $35 USD) an adult can eat as much as they like for 3 hours (that's an hour longer than most buffets) on a weekend evening, there are discounts for children, and prices are cheaper on less popular days. The food is very good quality and a huge amount, that changes seasonally. You can eat everything from sushi, sashimi, rib roast, salad, fruit, tempura, dim sum, Chinese, pasta, risotto, and more. Dessert is epic. There are at least 20 options ranging from cakes, mousse, chocolates, cookies, fresh fruit, and something every Taiwanese buffet must have a Haagen Daz ice cream. I think the most impressive addition is a drinks bar that ranges from cans of soda, cold and hot tea, fresh juice, coffee machines, and local and Japanese beers. I'm always surprised I don't see tables of Candian and American dudes taking advantage of the abundant beers.

Beers and sodas
Fresh juice and tea
Dim sum and Chinese
Soup and congee
Ribs, the best thing 
Duck and beef carving stations
Appetizers and aperitifs that change seasonally
Western and Eastern dishes
 It's important to know this isn't just a buffet you can drop by and pick up a plate. There are 3 services, 11:30-2, 2:20- 4:20 (usually limited), and 5:30-9:30. Eat Together Buffet is often booked up months in advance. If you show up 30 minutes before a service you will be put on a short waiting list for cancellations. Its is typical to make reservations for any kind of sit down restaurant in Taipei, and it is also typical for customers to cancel or not show up too. The 3 times I have visited Eat Together Buffet this approach has worked without fail.

Coldstone-style ice cream dessert station
Cake counter
More cake, candy, and cookies
Eating at a buffet is not quite the same as ordering a few dishes at a restaurant.  Its like ordering everything on the whole menu and sharing it with 500 other people. To deal with the pressure of wanting to inhale the whole buffet I have a few suggestions. First of all, don't eat too much before, but don't show up hungry. Next, go slow. You have 3 hours. If you eat too fast you won't feel good. Take 10 minutes between plates of food. Avoid the rice, pasta, and bread. They are rarely special and will just fill you up. Eat what you really want first. If you are feeling full or uncomfortable a hot clear soup or tea will help you feel better. Also,  don't feel bound by the layout of the buffet. I love making a big salad with beef carpaccio and some mushrooms of the grill from 3 separate areas.  If your cake is from the dessert counter is dry, why not add some vanilla ice cream.

That pink cup, raspberry, and pistachio was delightful, other items include lava cake, pomelo mousse, and oreo cheesecake
Salad is my priority at the buffet
Still want a little more guidance? I suggest the following: the clam soup, sushi and sashimi, ribs, grilled bamboo, grilled king mushroom, roast duck and fried pumpkin. The fried pumpkin looks like nothing but it is perfectly crisp outside and soft inside.

The buffet is inside the Food Republic Food Mall next to Miramar in Dazhi
Inside of Food Republic take the elevator to the 4th floor
Eat Together 餐食天堂 website
#218 LeQun 3rd Rd, Dazhi Zhongshan District
(4th Fl of Food Republic 大食代大直旗艦店  )


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