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I have not forgotten about the last 8 months

Done! 8 months is a long time, but NO, I have not forgotten my little corner of the internet I call Cantaloupealone. You may recall I took a chance and opened a restaurant called Loft Bistro and Wine Bar Cafe  in 2012. The food was good! It was a special year for my partners and I. Crossing a sea, starting a business in a foreign country, pulling off a menu that people liked, paid money for and came back to eat over and over again. It was hard, too hard, or ambitious for a first move. Food prices went up, our identity, menu, and pricing floundered, we had bad customer return rates. Recently we sold to another restaurateur who has renamed it Aug. Bistro Cafe. I haven't been in, but I believe its serves brunch. I like to think of all this as an amazing entry to entrepreneurship and don't have any regrets.  Some of the amazing reviews we received on Trip Advisor . Wow, I mean WOW. This guy gets it. For the record this was our number one customer. I did encourage