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2020 Survival Guide

Hi. Long time I know. This is a cultural/lifestyle-type post. If you're missing out on my food opinions you can read some on my Instagram account  where you'll also see a little bit of life in Taipei, too. 2020, who saw this coming? Apparently a lot of doctors and scientists. I was already an obsessive hand washer but 2020 has pushed the limits of my skin. So dry, so scratchy. It's just August and Taiwan is bracing for a possible second wave of Coronavirus after absolutely crushing the first wave . I've been free to live my life in public for the last 7 months (thank you, thank you Taiwan) but internally it's still a roller coaster. Here is a list of things that have brought me moments of joy or at least made me feel something while watching a pandemic, democracy be destroyed, and social upheaval. Andy & Naomi's Couple's Therapy Podcast : Just hearing another Naomi correctly pronounce "Nay-oh-me" is already soothing but during the qua