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Ditmas Park CSA Week 14

Week 14, and my last CSA share for 6 weeks. I shed bitter lettuce tears of sadness as I prepare to travel to Australia and Taiwan. I collected only part of the CSA share in preparation of depature. I left potatoes (currently have 10 lbs laying around my kitchen) and broccoli in the swap box. Looks like this is the last-ish week for tomatotes. But I've thought that before. Jorge's tomatoes don't stop most years. Ditmas Park CSA Week 14 Share Contents 6 ears of corn 1 eggplant 1 big old zucchini 9 medium-small tomatoes 7 small beets 2 onions 4 hot peppers 2 red peppers 1 big bunch lettuce (was labeled "sacrole" so maybe escarole?) 1/2 lb yellow wax beans 1/2 dozen eggs

Candied Bacon

Dangerous candied bacon What is that dark slimy looking spider like blob up there? Well it's simply one of the most addicting flavors to ever be added to confections and desserts. Candied caramelized bacon. That's right salty and smoky taste awesome with sweet and chewy food. It's almost evil. Putting meat in dessert feels bad, but tastes so good. I've written this recipe before , but by popular request I have chosen to give candied bacon it's own recipe. Its is amazing baked into chocolate chip cookies , or if you're really fancy these monster chocolate toffee cookies . You could also use it to garnish cupcakes (think banana peanut butter Elvis style!), doughnuts or whatever needs a modern and slightly wild kick. Whatever you put it in, people will ask you for the recipe. Send em here. There are two popular recipes for candying bacon. Well one is more popular than the other. Most often I see recipes suggesting people put bacon on a silpat , cover with sugar

Cucumber Mint Vodka Watermelon

Watermelon man hole for vodka I should have posted this a few days ago. I'm worried you'll see this post and want to make a big fat vodka watermelon for your Labor day picnic/ bbq /yacht party. And you should want to but you need to act NOW. That's right, if you are slightest bit interested in boozing up a watermelon turn off the computer, buy a watermelon and some vodka and come back. Did you do it? Lets proceed. It is not common knowledge unless you have tried this or read lots of recipe comments that it can take up to FOUR DAYS for your watermelon to absorb vodka. There are million recipes that look simple, and you think will take 6 hours or overnight. Unless you know where to buy a "dry" watermelon it will take at least 2 full days for a great vodka watermelon to begin. A week would be awesome. You might not get invited back to the party if aren't careful. Here are my real time instructions. Cucumber Mint Vodka Watermelon 1 large watermelon