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Flatbush Farm Share CSA Week 6

I've been skipping out my CSA updates. I have big news. This is my LAST CSA share for some time. I am officially moving to Taipei in 2 weeks for a new culinary venture. Updates on that later. Let's talk about what's happen with the massive range of items in the Flatbush Farm Share this week. On top of tempeh, cheese, coffee and more the Flatbush Farm Share offers a range of products from Milk Not Jails . This now includes things like chocolate ice cream, butter, Hawthorne Farms kraut, bread, granola. So many options I feel spoiled. I bought 2 tubs of butter (THICK and creamy is my complete description), regular sauerkraut (so sour you feel it in your brain), and ice cream (sadly mostly melted and icy sort of like a frosty from Wendy's). I traded my half and half for some extra radishes. This is a great assortment of hard and leafy vegetables. Its the kind of variety that makes participating in a CSA really fun. The fruit has been coming in large quantities too, whi