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Bangkok Food Tourism

I am a food tourist. Cultures have a lot to teach our taste buds. Bangkok is a dense sensory onslaught. Monks in rich saffron, tuk tuk drivers hanging, packs of students among hoards of international tourists and feral dogs weave and twist, elbow to elbow among hundreds of food stand lining every street, river, sidewalk, and corner during the daytime.  Stand in one spot, stretch out your arms and you'd be able to reach 5 different food carts all with several versions of some incredible dish you never knew existed. Its exciting. Mix with an enormous sweet icy Thai coffee and blast off. I count 16 trays of... something.... curry? The variety is immense. And what's in each? Tens to hundreds of ingredients. You could spend a lifetime eating everything in Bangkok.  Here is a great example of what the heck is that? I think its a banana leaf bowl with white congee looking stuff with more meaty brown good stuff. I didn't eat it. I want to go back and get it though.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Buckwheat Zucchini Bread

Airpockets in a gluten-free loaf = major success. Plus it tastes good.  Back to updating this blog. I didn't go anywhere, except Asia. I'm not even that busy here, just in a new pace of life. One that does not involve as many hours around a computer. Seriously, I used to update The Cantaloupe on my lunch break and before going to work. I was shackled to a computer at least 10 hours a day. Now I'm scouting every wine glass, dish, ingredient, decoration, and detail while planning the menu that will make up my upcoming bistro wine bar in Taipei. That story is for another post, and this is the end of my excuses. On to the gluten-free baked goods. This gluten-free bread recipe turned out well! It did. It rose. There are air pockets in this loaf unlike the other heavy, mushy failures I have turned out. There is moisture (thanks zucchini) and flavor (mmm chocolate chips, buttermilk etc). What I have not fully nailed is the mouth-feel. Gluten free baked goods have a tendenc