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Flatbush Farm Share CSA Week 3

Salad, salad, chomp, chomp
Salad days are back. Big, no huge, leafy heads of escarole, romaine, arugula, parsley are now decoratring my fridge shelves in big bouquets. I don't have much of meal game plan, just to eat salads. A little oil, salt and perhaps a handful of herbs I've been harvesting from Prospect Farm. The Farm at Miller's Crossing, who provides my vegetables should be proud of their snap peas which are sweet as candy. That's right vegetables for dessert.

Flatbush Farm Share CSA Week 3

1 bunch Chiogga Beets
1 bunch parsely
1 bunch arugula
1 bunch huge escarole
1 bunch romaine
1 scant quart snap peas
1/2 lb garlic scapes, which I gave away
6 eggs
12 oz half n half
1 quart dark beautiful cherries

Grilling Success

Grilla from Manila heating torching the coals

I'll be the first to admit it: I misuse the term BBQ all the time. BBQ is the application of heat and smoke in controlled (usually small) to slow cook meat until its falling apart juicy and good. BBQ is a not easy, requires time, skill and patience to control wild elements like fire. I know how to grill. A grill is just a metal grate that you put over heat, often created from charcoal or gas, but I've been know to cook over wood fire too. Its not any different from cooking on stove except you're outside and you're in charge! In fact I have a might grill pan I use inside all the time, but yeah its just not as impressive sounding is it?

So let's be clear. BBQ is slow smoked ribs, pork butt, pastrami, brisket etc. Grilling is for hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken pieces, fish, vegetables or anything that can be cooked on grate over fire. Use your imagination, and you'll find that lots of things taste amazing on the grill. I…

Flatbush Farm Share CSA Week 1

You better believe that half and half is going right over those berries
Its only been a month since my last CSA pick up, but I was so hungry for my first pick up of the summer season. Its time for sugar snap peas, strawberries and arugula you can identify by scent from 5 feet away. Ooh its happening, all this week of the Flatbush Farm Share. I'm getting a single share (what you see above) of vegetables, sort of like a half share I think, single share fruit, 1/2 dozen eggs and 12 oz of half and half care of Milk not Jails. Tempeh, coffee, yogurt, and cheese are also availiable too, which is an incredible variety. Thats practically everything you need. I should mention that the sugar snap peas were nearly perfect and I ate about 1/3 raw between home and photographing. 
Flatbush Farm Share CSA Week 1 1 bunch collards 1 bunch romaine lettuce 1 bunch arugula 1 bunch rabini (young broccoli rabe) 1 bunch beets
June is strawberry time
1 quart strawberries 2 large apples 12 oz half and half …