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Where Did 2012 Go? Some Explaining.

The garden of my restaurant I share with my 2 Taiwanese partners Over the last 6 months I have entered the crazy, exciting, and rewarding world of becoming a restaurant owner. I have remarkable less personal time. Some days I only have enough time to sleep, 7 hours maybe. And yet I still here from the peanut gallery that some of you I manage to see/email with want more blog posts. Thank you guys for your support! I like this blog, even if its been in the back seat for a while Here it is, pretty right? We renovated and decorated it.  Bar seating with open kitchen Introducing Loft Wine Bar and Bistro in Taipei, Taiwan. We opened the first week of October 2012. You can check our contact and yadayada on our website . We serve a refined menu of New American classic dishes including BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches (a favorite with Taiwanese), a Lamb Burger (very popular with foreigners), sour dough Flatbread Pizzas, Bacon Mac and Cheese, Ribs with Sticky Sweet Balsamic Redu