Lobster Candy

Lobster tail candy from Polish Deli

I like to poke through Polish groceries and meat stores. I've discovered many meat treats in the past in my local one on Church Ave in Brooklyn. Candy and sweets are secondary. Who knows what flavors lie below the colored cellophane. I write it off as the usual fruity/caramel/minty variety in foreign packaging. Lobster candy were clawing to go home with me. The package read "Lobster Tails, Cripsy Crunchy Candy, Raczek."

I was hoping for something like the ocean in candy form, even if that would be pukescent. What I found was rum flavored candy that tasted remarkably like a sweeter egg nog, very near bubble gum flavor with a peanut finish. The texture is crispy on the outside and butterfingery on the inside. Its good, and its the closest thing I'm getting to lobster this summer! Good job Poland creating a Christmas flavored seafood themed candy. I will seek your lobster candy from now on along side your cold cuts.


  1. this candy is very old i mean almost classic, i'm Polish, and form my it is definitely one of the flavors of my childhood...


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