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Sato Seinikuten Tokyo 佐藤精肉店

No. 6 ginger pork bowl No. 4 pork bowl with lime "Meat and rice" is the "meat and potatoes" of the East. Sato Seinikuten Tokyo 佐藤精肉店 does a great BBQ meat rice bowl with a delicious and conservative menu of 6 rice bowls all chicken or pork. There is also some zippy home made ginger or ginger and lemon soda on the menu. Sides include a poached egg, soup, and vegetables. I ordered the poached egg which had an extremely soft white, but a luxurious thick egg yolk and made sauced up all the ingredients of my rice bowl nicely. The soup is vegetables in miso broth. Its satisfying, but awkward to eat with a long wooden spoon. All of the food comes with free pickled bean sprouts which are covered in sesame oil and sit in a jar at tables. Side soup with awkward wooden spoon and poached egg Utensils, chili powder, and pickled bean sprouts All of the bowls come in 2 sizes, large and small. The menu is in Chinese and Japanese, which you may think should b