Sato Seinikuten Tokyo 佐藤精肉店

No. 6 ginger pork bowl
No. 4 pork bowl with lime
"Meat and rice" is the "meat and potatoes" of the East. Sato Seinikuten Tokyo 佐藤精肉店 does a great BBQ meat rice bowl with a delicious and conservative menu of 6 rice bowls all chicken or pork. There is also some zippy home made ginger or ginger and lemon soda on the menu. Sides include a poached egg, soup, and vegetables. I ordered the poached egg which had an extremely soft white, but a luxurious thick egg yolk and made sauced up all the ingredients of my rice bowl nicely. The soup is vegetables in miso broth. Its satisfying, but awkward to eat with a long wooden spoon. All of the food comes with free pickled bean sprouts which are covered in sesame oil and sit in a jar at tables.

Side soup with awkward wooden spoon and poached egg
Utensils, chili powder, and pickled bean sprouts

All of the bowls come in 2 sizes, large and small. The menu is in Chinese and Japanese, which you may think should be the same, but they are not always. The Chinese menu is written with a thick white marker on colored popsicle sticks and is really hard to read, so just stick with the photo menu over the kitchen.

Photo menu with Japanese
Menu written on popsicle sticks

I like the format and style of this restaurant. Casual, affordable, reliable. The restaurant isn't relying on a huge menu, cheap ingredients, or a bunch of cute garbage to attract customers, just honest food. I hope Sato Seinikuten Tokyo 佐藤精肉店 is successful, and I hope more restaurants learn from their business model.

Sato Seinikuten Tokyo 佐藤精肉店
No. 33之5號, TaiShun Street, Da’an District, Taipei City


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