Australia's Exotic Fruit Farm: 1 Permaculture

Star Apple grows at the Cape Tribulation Exotic Fruit Farm

Cape Tribulation is a special place. Located on the edge of the Daintree Rainforest, the world's oldest living rainforest, its only accessible by a small winding road after crossing the crocodile filled Daintree river by ferry. Those who find it often stay a long time I encountered a number of travellers who picked up and stayed. Digby and his wife have rooted down in Cape Tribulation since 1988 when they purchased a piece of land with the dream of growing a fruit.

Fruit trees of all variety grow together, some shading others to protect them from the heat of the sun.

The farmers have collected exotic fruit seed from around the world and using permaculture have learned to make them grow in the tropical jungle. The grow over 60 varieties of tropical fruits and foods including: mangosteen, lychee, cloves, pummelo, turmeric, vanilla bean, jakfruit, limes, and many many more. No mono cultures here. The farm practices eco certified permaculture.

A mangosteen tree. Jakfruit, breadfruit, and mangosteen all are planted together to help one another grow.

The fruit farm wholesales its fruit, mangosteen being the cash crop, but also benefits from tourism in the Cape Tribulation area. Fruit tastings, a Bed and breakfast, and the sale of fruit products like jam are all available. Not only profitable, the farm gets to educate and promote its practices in this unique climate. The Cape Trib Fruit Farm has a work stay with the Wwoof program for anyone interested in tempting a longer stay. Vist their site for more details:

Edible plants for daily use are grown closest to the kitchen. Our guide plucks an leaf allspice from us to smell. It has a strong allspice odor.

Bamboo was planted as drainage. Its sucks up excess water.
Peanut plants cover the ground to replace the nitrogen the trees use up.

Davidson Plums are native to the Northern region of Australia. Our guide advises that you should just wait for them to drop rather considering their unique tall skinny size.

This season the plums have uncharactertically grown lower to the ground after bad weather and hurricanes.

A ripe Davidson plum

A guanabana fruit

Breadfruit on a tree. Some bread fruit grow directly off the trunks of the trees, and some of branches.


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