Ditmas Park CSA Week 14

Week 14, and my last CSA share for 6 weeks. I shed bitter lettuce tears of sadness as I prepare to travel to Australia and Taiwan. I collected only part of the CSA share in preparation of depature. I left potatoes (currently have 10 lbs laying around my kitchen) and broccoli in the swap box. Looks like this is the last-ish week for tomatotes. But I've thought that before. Jorge's tomatoes don't stop most years.

Ditmas Park CSA Week 14 Share Contents

6 ears of corn
1 eggplant
1 big old zucchini
9 medium-small tomatoes
7 small beets
2 onions
4 hot peppers
2 red peppers
1 big bunch lettuce (was labeled "sacrole" so maybe escarole?)
1/2 lb yellow wax beans
1/2 dozen eggs


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