2020 Survival Guide

Hi. Long time I know. This is a cultural/lifestyle-type post. If you're missing out on my food opinions you can read some on my Instagram account where you'll also see a little bit of life in Taipei, too.

2020, who saw this coming? Apparently a lot of doctors and scientists. I was already an obsessive hand washer but 2020 has pushed the limits of my skin. So dry, so scratchy. It's just August and Taiwan is bracing for a possible second wave of Coronavirus after absolutely crushing the first wave. I've been free to live my life in public for the last 7 months (thank you, thank you Taiwan) but internally it's still a roller coaster. Here is a list of things that have brought me moments of joy or at least made me feel something while watching a pandemic, democracy be destroyed, and social upheaval.

Andy & Naomi's Couple's Therapy Podcast: Just hearing another Naomi correctly pronounce "Nay-oh-me" is already soothing but during the quar times this couple is offering free life advice. Additionally, I'd like to add their response to the event of the century is correct. Not too paranoid but not too cautious. Realistic comedy for a chaotic time.

Newcomers: So many real life LOLs. Two comedians watch all the Star Wars movies and it's side projects. Pure joy. You should listen to this podcast in order but you could listen to the fan fiction episode first. It's the funniest.

The Chloe Ting 2 Week Shred Program: I like to pretend I'm 22 and I could possibly get hard abs. This challenge is so hard you are forced to forget everything just to keep up with Chloe, who is very encouraging. It's good to have someone tell you what to do for 2 weeks straight. Funnel your anger at the government towards your abs and your muscles will rage.

Netflix's Floor is Lava: It actually shuts your brain off for 22 minutes so you can have fun with people trying to swing across a pot rack.

The Happy Ever Crafter's Modern Calligraphy Program: My COVID hobby. Brush calligraphy is a little like knitting. It keeps your hands busy while your mind spins watching the news.

Alcohol-free beers/beverages: It turns out that you can't drink red wine every night and it will not help your moods in the long run. There are a lot of companies out there making alcohol free beer that taste hoppy and complex. I recommend WellBeing Brewery's Golden Wheat and Dark Amber Brews. A tonic water with lime also soothes my sweaty soul in the summer, too.

Dopamine Detox: Just say no to social media and gaming. I did a week of no caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and social media for an entire week, and then an lighter adjusted second week so I could still get invited to friend's. It was the closest I've felt to normalcy since early January. I learned a lot about my habits too. If I save social media for tea time and later I find I'm more interested to interact and I not just mindlessly scrolling. I still let myself go down the rabit hole a few weekends a month.

Journaling: I've read for years the journaling is a great way to channel anger and anxiety but I was too pessimistic to bite. I'm hear to preach the truth that is journaling. There are just some rants not ment for friends or family. Put them in a journal and you can start to let go of that negativity. It's also fun to write what's making you angry and then burn it like Anne Hathaway says too, but watch out for the smoke detector. 

REM: Sad jams to listen to on repeat feel great. 

3M's Nexcare Comfort Cloth Mask: It's a like a cozy fitted quilt for your face. The sides go all the way to your ears which makes me feel safe. It's easy to wash and the elastic is adjustable for people with wide or narrow faces. I've been wearing this mask since before the pandemic and it's excellent for keeping your face warm in winter. 


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