Foraged Feast

Wine from a log? Whole squirrels on a platter? Raw venison? Candied Goose. I ate and drank it all up under a candle lit chandelier a few weeks back at Issue Project Room Species of Space Foraged Dinner. Well foraged is an over statement. Most of the food (venison deer meat) was hunted. Read my full story on Socially Superlative.

Door crew

Pick a wine to drink from. I got kinda attached to mine.

Hot buttered rum with pine needle swizzle stick.

Deer jerky and apple leather with pine needles appetizer. Forget serving whole raw pine needles. Doesn't work.

The free-form table foraged from Jersey wetlands made of timber and branches. Some dumped by contractors, some dumped by 2011 hurricane Irene.

Nuts and seeds to get you through the winter.

Ceramic vessels for eating and drinking. Each a unique shape, each holding a different portion, some with holes not holding anything. Venison stew with winter squash is inside.

Cold charred venison with "seal oil." The seal oil was anchovie oil mixed with olive oil.

Wine in a ceramic vessel dropped all over me and my purse moments later.

Cattail reed filled ravioli. Pretty good.

Spicy cinnamon pickled radishes. Also good.

Candied goose in phragamites reed with apples for dessert. Candied goose does not taste good.


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