New to Me: Origines Taipei

How many nights can you eat broccoli for dinner? Too many. I've been eating broccoli for years. I'm shaking loose. I'm going nuts. I'm challenging myself to try one new restaurant, food or beverage item a day. Taiwan is an awesome place to be eating out, and I need to take advantage. To stay accountable I will try to post what I'm digesting here in daily briefs. 

Tonight, Thursday, September 29th:

The lovely understated entrance and logo of Origines Table Francais bistro restaurant in the Da'an district of Taipei off of Dunhau Rd and around the corner from a whole collection of other hip and boundary pushing restaurants.

My friend and I went split-sies and shared three appetizers and one main. This Salad Nicoise was full of delightful bites including an expertly roasted cherry tomato and some red pepper puree. I loved it. Next up was some amazing bone marrow, which was demolished before I photographed it. Take my word, it was great. 

Steak tartare, check. Heavily seasoned with dill and capers. I'm more of a tartare purist, but it was all gone by the end of the meal. 

Finally, a very impressive rabbit roulade stuffed with its own offals, mustard greens and potatoes on the side. A very impressive dish with a touch of herbs that help not hide the rabbit's gamey flavor. I would eat this again and again. There was also an impressive wine list and dessert selection, neither could tempt me on an already indulgent Thursday night. Our bill, for two was about $1400 each, reasonable.

Origines Table Francaise
Origines Facebook page


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