KWT Winter CSA Month 4 March

winter vegetable pile

I love trying new vegetables. Scratch that, I live to try new vegetables. I love to compare them in my head, and think up new combinations. In the end I mostly eat the whole thing plain. This month's Kensington Windsor Terrace CSA includes chickweed. Our pre-distribution email explains that chickweed:

"Like most wild food it is super high in vitamins and minerals (Iron, Copper, Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium, Vitamin C and A). It is higher in iron and zinc than any domesticated green." and goes on to say, "Helps maintain healthy weight (contains saponins, which may help to bind fats and remove them from the body). Nourishing for the lungs. Helps carry off cellular debris through our lymph system and it also helps clean out and clean up cysts. Great for drawing out infections and soothing pain. Great remedy for eye problem."

Oh man that is specific. Cysts look out chickweed is coming to get you. My lungs will probably be grateful. Just a thought on this wonderful explicit passage, are other vegetables just as nourishing and or good for killing cysts? Or is chickweed oh so special. If so then why aren't we eating it already? The chickweed tastes pretty good. Crisp with a mineral flavor a lot like fresh romain lettuce, but a touch metallic. Its long and stem-y with dainty leaves, even a few edible flowers. The stems are not tough. I like it.

Included in this month's Kensington Windsor Terrace March CSA
1 bag of mixed red, blue and white potatoes, about 3lb
several yams
8 small baking potatoes
3 lb carrots
2 lb beets
1 lb purple top turnips
1 rutabaga
2lb daikon
1 bag braising greens
1 big bunch of chickweed
1 dozen eggs

I'm going to have to eat a lot of potatoes for breakfast this month. Perhaps some potato pizzas are necessary. The other root vegetables may become the worlds biggest sheet of roasted root vegetables. I don't know how to explain exactly but when roasted vegetables just disappear off my plate. A tub of soup wouldn't hurt either.


  1. I love chickweed. Been trying to convince my local CSA to grow it for years. Although it grows in my backyard wild, I don't harvest it because both neighbors use chemical sprays on their lawns.
    I like it simply wilted with garlic and a drizzle of sesame oil, and also like to put it in my raw green smoothies or as a last minute addition to a miso broth.


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