Holiday Cookie + Food Swap

It's a Christmas cookie dream come true. I'm finally hosting a Christmas cookie, candy, holiday food swap. What is holiday food? Maybe like some holiday jerky, or holiday pigs in a blanket. Jam is very holiday-esque. Someone could bring some homemade egg nog, that would be right up the holiday alley.

I will be bringing the milk though! And some baggies for you all to take your cookies home in. I'm really excited to sit around and eat cookies and reflect on food, recipes, and the year. Please join me.

How the Cookie Swap Works:

Bring 2-3 dozen homemade cookies or candies, or 10-12 samples of your favorite holiday treats e.g jams, infused spirits, granola. Then swap 3-4 cookies or 1 sample from each other. Print out copies of your recipes to share. Please RSVP by email: naomidonabedian at gmail dot com or facebook what you plan to bring to avoid repeats. Forward to all the bakers you know!

Thursday December 22nd
8 - 10pm
@ Bar 4 in South Slope
444 7th Ave, Brooklyn

Music provided Monday Night Vinyl Club

Sorry for late notice!!


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