Apple Pie Contest at Cortelyou Rd Farmers Market

Almond Crust Apple Galette in the first morning light before the bake-off

No one loses when you get to hang out eat 6 kinds of apple pie and discuss pastry with other serious bakers. This morning I entered the Coretlyou Rd Farmers Market Pie Bake-Off. I lost to Martha whose pie encompassed everything that is great about an apple pie, and by extension America. It was big, and pretty with leaf design top crust, hot out of the oven, sprinkled with sugar, and contained the right mix of sweet, cinnamon-y and firm baked apples. Martha wise used Northern Spys while I chose granny smith and winesaps.

I entered a mildly pretentious French inspired Almond Crust Apple Galette. Basically a mix of a Jacques Pepin/Juila Childs recipe apple filling apples, butter, salt, nutmeg, dried apricots, and booze. That pie had flavor and characterand was, dare I say, handsome. My crust was super butter flaky like a croissant styled crust. I'm proud to have shared it with Ditmas Park. My camera battery died after the picture above, but stay tuned for pictures as they show up on the market's website. Thanks to Chelsea for organizing the pies!


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