Grilling on the First Day of Summer

I've been pickling, canning, jamming, baking, fermenting, and generally feeling like myself around summer vegetables and the grill. I'm happy to announce I'm bringing summer food to Trophy Bar's backyard patio, in South Williamsburg, for the first day of (psychedelic) summer, the Electric Temple release of MV&EE's new 7 inch, along with guests DJs from Vol. 1 Brooklyn and Vinyl Club.

Free pickles to any reader who shows up and mentions my blog, so please come by. Here is the menu, which as you can guess, is mostly homemade:

Brat Burgers $6
Ground pork burger on
Fresh Pretzel Rolls w/Sauerkraut
(Sauerkraut: Cabbage, Green Apple, Fennel & Onion)

Vegan Burgers $5
on Pita Bread W/ Pickled Turnips & Beets
(Vegan burgers: Lentil, bulgar Wheat, Mushroom, onion, squash, carrot,
olive oil, bread crumbs, tahini, mustard, Flax, cummin, chili powder, salt)

Grilled Rum-Soaked Pineapple $2
Homemade Plantain Chips $2

Details: Psychedelic Summer, Monday June 21st, 2010, 8 pm - 1 am, @ Trophy Bar 351 Broadway in Brooklyn. F R E E


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