Best of 2010

Not a traditional list, but many lists of lists. Great flavors locked in the memory of my tongue's brain. Plus, the music in the background of all those happy moments.

Flavors of 2010
-- Pickled lemons which I accidentally added cardamom to, and then later turned into hummous.
-- Fancy maple syrup from Poor Farm Farm. The best I have ever, ever, ever, ever tasted.
-- Horseradish
-- Thums Up Cola
-- Whole wheat almond crust on this pie.
-- Chili ginger plums
-- Jam jar cocktails at Fire Island
-- Grilled asparagus
-- Cucumber vodka infused with cucumbers from my garden
-- Beets
-- Mile End smoked meat
-- Strawberry cupcakes from Sugar Daddy at Trophy Bar
-- Sausages from The Piggery
-- Vermont butter fresh from the owners, but sadly the packaged butter from the store was horribly over-salted.
-- fried eggplant stuffed with shrimp paste
-- Achiote oil
-- Old fashioned organic oats from the Flatbush Co-op. Why are they so good? I love them.
-- Momofuku cornflake cookie
-- Roasted Root Vegetable and Turkey Soup
-- Melted brie and fig spread
-- Anything from dim sum at Harbor East

Recipes of 2010 (the ones I'll make over and over)
-- Pretzel rolls
-- Oven onion rings (not because I like them, but because they were such a hit online)
-- Chock-a-block fruit and nut bars
-- Grilled flat bread
-- Vegan burgers
-- Lemon curd
Strawberry ice

Recipes in my jotter for 2011
Homemade tofu
Egg nog fudge
Home brewed apple cider
Vanilla ice cream without a machine
Pickled carrots

Music of 2010

Beach House / Teen Dream
A Sunny Day in Glasgow / Autumn Again
Nerve City / Sleepwalker EP
Nice Face / Immer Etwas
Hooray for Earth / Momo
Future Islands / In Evening Air
Black Tambourine / Best of

Sleepwalking by Cosmetics
Go Outside by Cults
Maria Maria by Mercedes Sosa
Plastic by Starter
Saturday Night Drive in by Bowie
(the last few aren't new but I listened to them a lot)

Live Shows
Faith No More at The Williamsburg Waterfront (I could end the list for all time. Faith No More was awesome.)
Yummy Fur at Market Hotel
A Sunny Day in Glasgow at Prospect Farm
Total Slacker at Don Pedros
Screaming Females and Jeff the Brotherhood at Death by Audio

More Culture of 2010
The Wire, I waited too long to rent this
The Nose by William Kentridge at the Metropolitan Opera
The end of Lost, took away too much of my life watching that show.
Seven Samurai, again I waited too long to rent this
Big Man Japan, perfection as a contrast to the above.
Twitter feels more like home then any other social networking site i've used in the last 9 years.


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