Grilled Flat Bread

Thanks to Ava for shooting this picture while I busied myself with a spatula and tongs

I have a theory about hamburger and hot dog buns. The lamer the filling, the thicker and emptier the bun to fill up your stomach and distract from a less then excellent sandwich. Flat, thin, fresh hot can not be substitute, and was the absolute center piece of a BBQ I threw on vacation. Flat bread can be prepared 1 hours to over night in advance, but cooked in a flash on the grill. Wrap it around burgers, grilled veggies, tofu, hot dogs, or served in wedges with dip. I melted cheese on mine and served it as side with some olive tapenade. Also great for brunch. Truly memorable for not a lot of effort.

Grilled Flat Bread

1 cup flour (bread flour would be good)
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1 pinch of sugar
2 tsp tahini (optional)
1 tblsp olive oil
cold water

Mix flour, baking powder, salt, sugar in a bowl. Mix olive oil and tahini and drizzle over dry ingredients. Mix in cold water until the dough is sticky but not goopy using your hands. Chill for 30-60 minutes or overnight. You can do this just before you cook the meat, the bread heats up fast. Divide into 4-6 pieces and pat with floured hands to make a 6-7 inch oval. Roll out with a rolling pin if you have time or want nicer ovals. Meanwhile heat up the grill to medium-medium high. Throw that dough over the hot spot. Flip when puffy, and the bottoms have some good grill marks, about 2 minutes a side. If you are skilled, take the bread off the grill with the burgers as a bun replacement. Serve hot!

note: I wasn't going to make a recipe out of this one after my trip, but after Ava showed me her incredible photos of the big bbq I had to devote a post to my favorite grilled moments. There is nothing like absolutely fresh bread.


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