Thinking Bar Parfaits 思考吧

I like to keep up with Taiwan's food-spotting app, 愛食記, or in English, ifoodie. It's a feed of photo-centric food blogs reviewing the newest and oldest spots around Taiwan. It is usually overwhelmingly cute. Ifoodie is driven by waffles covered in hearts, strawberries, cookies, marshmallows and pastel two-toned smoothies. Every now and then I give into cute.

思考吧 Thinking Bar appears to be nothing but cute, offering parfaits topped with dolls, flowers, and butterflies. I was delighted to discover that the ingredients in their parfaits are nothing but high-quality. The pineapple mango parfait I ordered ($190 NTD/$6US) was layered with raspberries, mangoes, crushed cookies, panna cotta, sorbet, and a very creamy and tart plain flavored frozen yogurt, topped with a slice of dried pineapple. It looks like an adorable sugar bomb, but it's a very thoughtfully crafted dessert with balanced flavor and texture. The parfaits are huge, maybe around 600-800 grams and about 40 cm high. This is a great spot for sharing, and I believe in sharing sweets.

They also offer some coffees and smoothies which are worth giving a shot. The service was friendly. The design is small cafe-style with bar seating inside and a few tables outside. Thinking Bar definitely blew away all my expectations and the next hot day that roles around I will be back to order the butterfly parfait.

Thinking Bar 思考吧


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