Old Kiln Scallion Pancake 舊漫窯烤蔥油餅

The Old Kiln Scallion Pancake or 蔥油餅 (cong1you2bing3)
My expectations are usually pretty high, especially if my boyfriend (a Taipei local of 30 years and a chef) point out food to me. I bike to Yonghe 6 days a week for week, and it seems that every day I pass a "well-known" scallion pancake stand in Gongguan, next to the 福和橋 Fuhe Bridge called Old Kiln Scallion Pancake 舊漫窯烤蔥油餅. Biking makes me snacky, and scallion pancake is a great snack.

The kiln. What is it for exactly?
Condiments: chili sauce, white pepper, and soy
The Old Kiln Scallion Pancake 舊漫窯烤蔥油餅 is not good. I was served a tepid, greasy fried scallion pancake. I ordered my pancake with an egg, which in my past experience has meant a fried egg. At Old Kiln Scallion Pancake 舊漫窯烤蔥油餅 cool scrambled eggs are spooned inside the pancake. A time-saving trick that seems invalidated by a poor menu.

So, did I go on the wrong day? Was going at 11:30 am the wrong time? Did they pawn out the day-old pancake on the foreigner? Is the boss on vacation? Did the new guy forget how to clean the oil? If fried food is your bread and butter then your oil needs to taste good. I will give it a second shot considering I pass by Old Kiln Scallion Pancake 舊漫窯烤蔥油餅 about 12 times a week. The moral here is: for each wonderful street stand in Taipei City there are 10 who can't get the equation right.

Old Kiln Scallion Pancake 舊漫窯烤蔥油餅


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