Twinkeyz Taco

Fish Taco, my fav
A large population of American immigrants in Taiwan are from the West coast, specifically California. They are bringing their Cali-Mex and Mexican food traditions with them to Taipei. I like tacos, but as someone from the midwest and NYC, I don't have a solid education. What I can tell is that Twinkeyz Tacos, opened in 2016, is working hard to present quality food. Their tacos use tons of fresh vegetables, sauces, and salsas. I believe they are making their own corn tortillas and would love to hear why they are pressing them to be so thick. There are plenty of meat and vegan options on the menu. So far I've tried al pastor, kimchi beef, fish and carnitas. Carnitas and fish stand out for flavor and texture.

Chicken, Al Pastor, and Barbacoa

However, fresh foods and Western foods always come with a high price tag in Taiwan for plenty of reasons. On my first visit to Twinkeyz my boyfriend and I spent $800 NTD on tacos 6 and we both left feeling hungry. I was satisfied to have wolfed down a fish taco and many other tender meats. On the other hand, my Taiwanese born and raised boyfriend liked his food but felt like he had been robbed. Think about how many baos or bowls of noodles we could eat for the same price? I reassured him that we were paying for the privilege to try something different.

Price politics aside, Twinkeyz is a good restaurant. Opened by the people who opened Shrimp Daddy, it is thoughtfully conceived. They have a great graphic designer who knows how to create memorable and modern branding that speaks to a wide audience. I'm always very impressed by details like their branded wrap paper. I think Twinkeyz is a good place to experience tacos, but not the best if you're craving something that sticks to your ribs.

Most of the menu. Foreigner friendliness is high here.

Twinkeyz Tacos on FB
7-1 Alley 131,YanJi St, Da'An Dist, Taipei 


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