Japanese Shao Bao 稍飽

Taipei has been having a "sandwich moment" for the last year or so, and I have been very supportive. Of all the great food joys to be had, a humbled balanced sandwich can be the most satisfying. The sandwiches at Japanese Shao Bao are promising. Offering a menu of two, high quality, BBQ pork or beef  on "handmade bread" sandwiches is a great plan. From the order window, customers can watch the action in the entire kitchen. It looks and smells like they are putting the time in to put out good food. 

What I received was an ok piece of pork belly/loin, lettuce, and apple on nice bread.  I'm jaded. My standards are higher in Taiwan than in America. A few $NTD go a long way and have a lot of competition. 稍飽, you are doing a good job, but for $90 I need more than half pork belly sandwich on nice bread. Thinking about the ingredients I can only imagine that the price of that sandwich is going to labor, rent, and possibly bread and something (important) has been left out.

I am empathetic. I've been there. I often wonder if the price of bread flour (or rather the shipping charges) is holding back a world of affordable sandwiches. Sandwiches are never going to make it in Taiwan if they can't compete with a bowl of beef noodles.

Japanese Shao Bao 稍飽
I'm not sure if they have a permanent location, but I found them at the Huashan Cultural Park
# 1, Sec. 1, Bade Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City
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