North China Breakfast Shop 北方大陸餅

Today's "new food" came from the North China Breakfast Shop 北方大陸餅, are you seeing a pattern? Many food shops in Taipei are named after the area their cuisine comes from. It seems that many places skip coming up with a name and just differ to using a description of what they serve.

This particular breakfast shop is very near my home, but I've been ignoring it for 2 years. A friend who studies at TaiDa recommended it. They offer lots of traditional Taiwanese and Chinese breakfast items. I grabbed an egg pancake (dan1bing3) for $25 NTD, roughly 90¢ USD. A thin crispy scallion pancake surrounding a simple omelet.  It was salty, crunchy, sweet (why?), a touch greasy and just the right amount of food for a weekday breakfast. 

The North China Breakfast Shop does not have an English menu, but there are photos of items above the counter of featured menu. Foreigner friendliness is just ok. 

North China Breakfast Shop 北方大陸餅


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