Felice Cafe 享樂咖啡

Starbucks is a joke in Taiwan. Sure, you maybe need syrupy, chocolate sprinkle, whip cream thing every now and again, but since 2012 Taiwan has an enormous, and evolving coffee culture. Felice Cafe 享樂咖啡 in Taiwan has a tiny seating area of about 3 tables and one outside, but its convenient location makes it a great stop in the morning. I've noticed a lot of great coffee shops, in Taipei, aren't open in the mornings. Felice has you covered all day. On a humid hot cloudy day I opted for an iced latte. They asked if I wanted to "heavy or normal" and I'm not coffee nerd enough to understand.  It was rich and milky. A deal for $60 NTD, or about $2 USD. They do breakfast sandwiches too. 

Coffee roaster takes up 20% of the room. This is clearly a serious operation.

Felice Cafe is a simple tiny shop making complex delicious coffee.

The menu in Chinese. There is an English menu on the counter too.

Felice Cafe 享樂咖啡
Felice Cafe FB page and website


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