KWT Winter CSA Month 5 April

Springy leeks and pea greens

Its April. It warm. Like leave the house without a jacket warm, but get home before dark otherwise you will need jacket. I sort of thought this month's CSA would be booming after the unseasonably warm weather. I wasn't expecting fruited vegetable (cucumber, tomato, pepper) but I thought, you know salad greens. This month's CSA is okay. Its lighter on the daikon. There is one bunch of herbs. Pea greens are here, a sure sign of spring. Can't say no to 3 dozen eggs.

Kensington Windsor Terrace Winter CSA Month 5 - April

3 dozen eggs
5 lb potatoes
3 medium turnips
2 leeks
2 diakons
1 bunch collards
1 bunch parsley
1 bag braising greens
1 bag purple kale
1 big bag pea greens

I'm excited for the 3 dozen eggs there is a great article in Bon Appetite this month about eggs. I will definitely try making some souffles to write about. Last time I got this many eggs I made the Thomas Keller quiche and it was such a miserable flop! Leeks are made for soup, so soup they shall be. Daikon and turnips make a great snack sliced up. The rest of the greens will probably be hacked up into salads for lunch. I've been thinking of writing up some dressing recipes, which Bon  Appetite also did this month. Boy BA and I are really on the same page this month.  


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