KWT Winter CSA Month 2 January

Happy New Year. It's snowing leafy green vegetables with a high of 55 degrees in Brooklyn. My CSA is great this month, heavier than the previous month and just as vibrant. A result of warm weather, or just good agriculture practices from Garden of Eve? I look forward to eating the results. Here is what was included:

Kensington Windsor Terrace Winter CSA Month 2: January
1 big bunch of arugala
1 bunch beets
1 bag broccoli
2 bags of salad greens
1 bag of kale
1 bag of collards
8 yellow/white carrots
6 turnips
3 potatoes
3 medium diakons
3 heads of garlic
3 DOZEN EGGS (thats alot!)

Here's my plan of attack: eat the salad greens up first, as they are the most perishiable. I will probably eat them in salad for dinner and chopped up with beans for lunch. Diakon and carrots will get sliced up for snacking on plain. I will have an egg and potato. I predict some savory bread pudding in my future too. For dinner I'll make a pot of black bean soup and toss a few handfuls of collards, kale, and beet greens in. I loved the roasted broccoli I made last month, maybe I'll try something new this month. Those white juicy crunch turnips will be gone by Monday. I love to snack on them plain.


  1. Did you not get the mizuna? I was hoping to hear what you'd be doing with that!

  2. I did get the Mizuna. My bag of salad greens was also filled with Mizuna, so I just referred to it as "salad greens." I will eat it raw like salad, probably with salt and oil on top.

    The vegetables taste really really good from this CSA and it may make me a boring cook, but I prepare them as minimally as possible.


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