Day 000 - 001: 40 hours from NYC to Sydney

Taipei water machine, desperately balancing lack of water with bathroom access is key in traveling

There are no days in the realm of travel. If you're on a plane for 14 hours, and you arrive a day later, or 2 days later you just don't count days. The shades are drawn sun up or down. Without movies (I had movies) you're basically in an isolation tank especially when you're on a flight of 99% Chinese and Japonese.

Food was what all time frames are based on. Every 5 hours or so you're given another meal. Meals, were classified as snack, hot, cold, or light. Tea and coffee (China oolong, as the flight staff happily inform) were brought around in between while you'rr locked down under a plastic tray and lap table, which is its own kind of hell. I didn't get photos of the meals. Pity 6 foot tall me on a 14 hour flight. I had the emergency exit row with nowhere to stow my belongings but in the overhead bin.

Meals were better than expected. The first, a chicken breast on mashed potatoes was almost like a home cooked meal. Tender and moist. There was chicken fried rice, which tasted like chicken fried rice heated up several thousand miles above Asia. Not bad. Salmon over rice did me in. No more hot meals for me after that. Never have the fish option.

Oz customs made fun of these

The real highlight of the trip was the 30 minutes I spent in Japan. I wanted to try everything. My instincts told me to go for the Kit Kats. There are hundreds of flavors of Kit Kat in Japan. The water from the fountain was the cleanest most flavorless water I've ever known. I had to immediately re-board my plane, well after taking a shuttle to security, then taking a shuttle back.
Long Black and flat white coffees

I arrived in Sydney at 11 am Saturday after 3 flights starting out at 10 am on Wednesday from Brooklyn. There is nothing like the freedom of walking outdoors, showering and the taste of hot Australian coffee. Add an egg sandwich with bacon and avocado and the return to daily life is like beginning over.

Avocados are serious in Australia


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