Ditmas Park CSA Week 4 + Prospect Farm Week 1

13 varieties of vegetables, we are so spoiled

If I dropped my fridge down horizontally on the floor, removed the door I could literally bath in vegetables. I went on a trip for Independence day that turned into am mega road trip to the South extending well past Tuesday's pick-up. This week's Ditmas Park CSA haul was picked up by the crazy awesome Sarah Friedland. I didn't get my veggies until Thursday night after resolving to take a cab to pick it up. I barely caught the last light of the day to snap a quick photo before I inhaled most of the beets, greens, a salad made with kale, cukes, basil, green onion (previous week), and half a head of lettuce. I hadn't tasted a fresh vegetable on my trip, and it was time to bath my stomach in crisp cool vegetables.

Peek a little closer at those hard veggies

Ditmas Park CSA Week 4
2 heads of lettuce
1 bunch collards
1 bunch basil
6 beets with greens
1 green pepper
6 medium red potatoes
2 long red hot peppers
3 cucumbers
1 large zucchini
1 yellow squash
4 tomatoes
1 bag purple shell beans
5 yellow onions
6 eggs

AND this was the first week of Prospect Farm's harvest, which is divided over two days. I didn't take my herbs or greens because I have enough for now, but there's always room for tomatoes, cucumbers, snap peas, and zucchini. Would you believe I've been working for 1 year and a few months for this moment. I'm happy it's here.

There was more, but I could not handle it!

Prospect Farm Harvest Week 1
17 cherry tomatoes
1 zucchini
1 cucumber
5 snap peas


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