Big Fat Avacado Sandwich

Orange and green are pretty food colors.

I like to cover the corners when creating food for groups. Something for the meat eaters and something for the non-meat (vegan, vegetarians, etc.) eaters. Fruitarians, raw foodists, and gluten impaired tend to be harder for me to please. I like grains, bread, and baking. I have a little list of star non-animal ingredients that I like to showcase for the vegetarians. Avocado, peanut, almond, tahini, mushroom, tofu, tomatoes (in season), whole grains (barley, wild rice, bulgur), legumes (black bean and garbanzo particularly) olives, sweet potatoes, and eggplant all stand on two legs for both crowds. Garnish with whats in season and everyone goes home full and happy.

This sandwich was dripping with creamy avocado, which I seasoned with lime, salt, and green onion. Almost like guacamole. Salted carrot and fennel, shaved thin for an easy bite, contrasted with a lightly sweet-salty crunch.

Big Avocado Sandwich

2 ripe avocados
1 green scallion, finely sliced
juice of 1 lime
olive oil
1 peeled carrot
1/2 fennel bulb
fennel fronds, chopped
1 12-14 inch ciabatta loaf

Cut the avocados in half. Whack the pits with a sharp knife, turn, and pull out. Be careful with that maneuver. It works well, but if you're holding the avocado and miss you might get your hand. Scoop avocado flesh out with a spoon, and mash in a bowl. Add sliced scallion, lime juice, salt to taste, and 2 tsps of olive oil. Mix until combine. Peel the carrot and fennel firmly with a peeler to make nice strips of each. Sprinkle with salt.


Cut ciabatta loaf in half length wise. Sprinkle olive oil on top, and rub with fingers to coat evenly. Spread a thick layer of avocado over the bottom half of the bread, and a thinner layer on the top half. Pile the bottom half with carrot and fennel strips, parallel to the bread. Top with fennel fronds, and cover. Wrap it up and it's ready to go to the party.


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