Piparkakut Printed in the NY Times


The Piparkakut Finnish Christmas cookie recipe I posted last year was made famous this week. They're great cookies, and aside from my pal Ava, who shared her family's recipe with me, I had never heard a peep about them elsewhere. Last year I submitted the recipe and photo to NYTimes online reader cookie feature. This year the fine people at the newspaper tested my recipe, and chose to feature it along with the other top cookies, my photo, and a short profile of me for the Diner's Journal column of the Wednesday Dining section by Emily Weinstein. An honor. I'm flattered. I will forever carry my copy of the article. It's validation at the highest. Validation at it's most real is the speed those cookies disappear when delivered to clients and colleges. I'm proud that I've brought this extraordinary little spiced cookie to homes this Christmas. Black pepper and cardamom bake a great cookie that is otherwise low in sugar and butter, in comparison to the rest of my cookie recipes. Try them!

The official way to pronounce the cookie name: Pee-Pah-Rah Kaah-Koo, and you say it as fast as you can.


  1. Hi! My chocolate cookies were featured, too, and what an honor to be in such great company. I ran to my local newsstand and bought two copies of the paper, one for me and one for mom. First thing she said? "You really should try those Finnish cookies. And send them to me." Moms.

    Anyway, congrats and Happy Holidays!

  2. congratulations to you!
    I found the recipe on your website last year, while trolling around for Xmas cookies that would be a bit unusual - more interesting than a basic gingerbread. They are delicious and unusual. Excited to make the again this year!

  3. Hi Mari, what a compliment. Your cookies, and the saltine brickel recipes are on my to bake list. Print is a real thrill. We did it. Good job.

    Match Girl. I'm glad you liked them! I think its important to have some recipes that you only prepare and eat at the holidays. It gives everyone something to look forward to.

  4. Congratulations! These look delicious and I can't wait to try them.

  5. Naomi, I forgot to ask: where did you find those reindeer (they are reindeer, correct? Or are they moose?) cookie cutters? They're beautiful. Cheers.

    oh, and I answer your question on my blog but I'll reiterate here. You can buy just about everything you need for baking and decorating from Sugar Craft (sugarcraft.com).

  6. Mari, the reindeer break so easily! Those really may have been the only 3 that made it off the sheet.

    My whole cookie cutter set came in one big box from Williams Sonoma about 5-6 years ago.

  7. Actually, it's more like "pee-pahr-kaah-koth". But delicious anyway! :)

  8. Hi from finland, Piparkakut aka. Piparit (easier to pronounce) are my xmas favourite.

  9. I usually slur the word into pee-par-koo, but whatever. You are free to call them Finnish spice cookies. That's what they are too.

    I'm so pleased that everyone enjoys them. Soon piparkakuts shall rule North America.

  10. I have searched and compared many many versions of piparkakut to find the perfect ones to bake. I want to find the same ones my mom made. I have decided to try making yours


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