Ditmas Park CSA Extended Season Week 2

Fall foods, earthy, and not as vibrant as the summer varieties

Is there a better way to get your weeks food then with a group of like minded people sharing a supporting a farm? You can say hello to your farmer, swap recipe ideas, swap unwanted vegetables with your neighbors, ask questions. Its nice. Hundreds of times nicer then the grocery store.

I bought two of five weeks of the extended share option from my neighbor. That breaks down to a whole share, every other week. I will spend less time rushing between my neighborhood and Ditmas Park, a bonus. The trick is for me to spread the extra food over 2 weeks before it wilts. Not so hard with potatoes, beets, onion, and squash. Tomatoes, peppers, turnip, and bok choy are on this week's menu.

Ditmas Park CSA Extended Season Week 2
8 oz honey!
1 fat turnip
2 green peppers
1 big head of bok choy
2 tomatoes
6 small beets
10 small potatoes
3 big onions (I swapped my broccoli and cauliflower one onion, I just can't eat that much food)
1 big honking daikon
1 hubbard squash


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