Psychedelic All Summer Long

We (Vinyl Club & Electric Temple and joined by IMPOSE this time) started something in June, and now we're planning on keeping it just as we started. Psychedelic. Double Rainbows are for food and music. Please join me this Sunday for grilling, music. All you have to do is bring the dance party and wish John happy beeday.

- - - {{{{ Psychedelic Summer 2 }}}} - - -
{{{{{ double rainbows music & food }}}}}
- - {{{{ john b's birthday bash }}}} - - -

@ Trophy Bar, August 1st, 6 pm - 2am, 351 Broadway – Brooklyn

The menu reads:

Kefta Meatball Sandwich* $6
Spiced Ground Beef and Lamb on pita w/mint yogurt, tomato, and pickled kohlrabi & Diakon
(grass fed local lamb and beef, parsley, mint, salt, allspice, nutmeg, red & Black pepper *old family recipe!)

Herby Grilled Summer Vegetable Sandwich $5
on Pita Bread w/olive tapenade & pickled lemon hummus (this one is Vegan)
Proscecco mint cucmber boozed-up watermelon slices $2
Hummus and Beet Chips $3
Side of Beet Chips $2
Extra Pickles $1

Dessert provided by Sugar Daddy!


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