Ditmas Park CSA Week 5

Week 5 looks pretty normal

This is the third time I have picked up, and the 5th CSA share I have split with my easy-going-veg-likin' roommate. Last week looked much like week three: tomatoes, green beans, purslane, summer squash, beets, corn garlic, onions, new potatoes, parsley, cucumbers. Notably we did get a cantaloupe. We did not get garlic, peppers (hot or mild), turnips, herbs, lettuce, or braising greens. These are just some of the foods from last summer (and occasionally other weeks this year) that I really miss, and would like back.

This summer Jorge is growing big beautiful food, which we receive in abundance, but the varieties seems to be of the every-day-kitchen variety. Tomatoes and cucumbers are excellent and I will never get bored with variety of ways to eat them, but the really garden extraordinaire vegetables aren't here this year. I'm craving the challenge in discovering the best way to eat a bundle of callaloo greens or dinosaur kale. I'm ashamed to admit that I have been buying produce from other farmers. It feels like cheating but in the past month I have bought daikon, kohlrabi, golden beets, turnips, radishes, mint, and thyme.

1/2 chicken and giblets

The chicken looks bigger than the previous one and it came with a bag of giblets, awesome. I inquired about giblets on my last pick up, and now they are here. I think its mostly livers, maybe two tiny hearts. I'm sure my father will enlighten me in the comment section, eh Dad? I'm replacing the my foreign vegetable conundrum with natural chicken conundrums. How to cook up those livers?! Must figure something soon, they smell fowl :)

Mystery meats, clue its part of a chicken...

Complete list of vegetables for week 5 of the Ditmas Park CSA:
6 tomatoes
4 summer squash
4 cucumbers
2 mild purple peppers
1 bag green beans
1 big onion
1 huge bunch of basil
1 large cantaloupe
3 (ish?) lbs new potatoes
...and I forgot to pick up the 4 ears of corn, zoot!


  1. not a mystery. They are the heart, liver, gizzard. I just put it in with the chicken if roasting. It's a little snack for the chef! Delicious!


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