Peep Jousting

Peep joust warriors

The tradition of Peeps. Marshmallows extruded out into rows of chick and bunny shapes. Doused in a neon sugar with an acrid bitter aftertaste, then boxed, wrapped, and then presented to children for Easter. Beloved by sugar fiends, kiddies, and few others. I can't stomach them, and barely consider them to be in the food category. Often found in their own display in the store away from the other candy and snacks. Peculiar. Try Peep jousting instead of eating them. A fun way to get rid of them, and pass time with the game loving family on the holiday.

Peep Jousting Rules

1) You will need two teams. Its helpful to form the teams around the color of your Peeps. Pink versus green, yellow versus purple. Its harder to determine the winner if your Peeps are the same color.

2) Each team will position their peep on half of a toothpick or lance. Its helpful if a third party is available to judge that both peeps are evenly positioned. Peeps with more lance territory have an unfair advantage.

Face off

3) Place Peeps on the center of a microwave-safe plate, then into the microwave.

4) Set the microwave timer for one minute, the action is about to start!

Battle begins

5) Power on. Watch them spin, and pace around each other. It takes about 15 seconds for the Peeps to puff them up with rage. Soon they will bubble up and attack their once innocent opponent.

6) Between 45 and 60 seconds the peeps will max out and start to deflate. Turn the microwave off immediately. Otherwise they may begin to burn.

7) The winner of the joust is the Peep that has puffed and overcome the opponent. Whichever Peep has swelled over and on to the other wins!

Green defeats pink

8) Keep score, one point for winning one round. Play until all of your peeps are gone. Eat the losers. They taste slightly toasted and about 10% better.

A tie!


  1. Welcome to Peep Jousting 101.

    To participate in this activity you will need the following items.


    1-4 Packs of Marshmallow Peeps. (Make sure they are different colors as to avoid any confusion during the event.
    1-2 Packs of tooth picks.
    1 Microwave (Better to get one that has a rotating hot plate. Makes the sport more epic and gives you a full view of the battlefield.)
    1 Fire extinguisher (Just in case a toothpick or marshmallow matter combusts. It's rare but it does happen.)


    1: Prepare your peeps by inserting a toothpick to the right or left breast area.
    2: Make sure both toothpicks are level as possible with each other.
    3: Seperate both peeps so that their picks are just grazing each other's tips.
    4: Set the microwave to a high level heat setting. "Explained later."
    5: The time you set on your micro is dependent upon how many peeps you have in the microwave at once. "Explained later."

    1: Under no circumstances may you modify your peep other than with its designated tootpick.
    2: You will only use one toothick per peep.
    3: The bodily distance between two peeps should always be three inches.
    4: The timer is always set according to the number of peeps in the match. (Normally one minute or one minute and thirty seconds per peep in microwave.)
    5: If there are mutliple peeps in the microwave there must be an equal amount on each opposing side. E.G. Three pink peeps vs Three yellow peeps.
    6: You may not open the microwave or stop the timer until the inputed number has expired. Doing so results in disqualification for the offending party.


    1: The last peep standing after the timer expires claims victory. In the case of of multiple peeps "more than two" the color that has the most peeps "alive" wins.

    2: A peep is dead if:

    a) It's unrecognizable "melted to more basic components."
    b.) It explodes.
    c.) Is pierced by an opponents toothpick during the battle. There are cases where a peep explodes and its toothpick pierces the opponent. This does mean that both peeps are dead. In the case of multiple peeps or team battle, if a toothpick of a friendly peep "same color" pierces one of it's teammates, that peep is considered KIA.
    d.) If your peep tips over and or falls it is considered dead.

    3: A peep is alive if:

    a.) It is still recognizable. In most cases it retains color while still having some of it's former shape.


    The high level heat setting on your microwave "if it has one" normally insures that most if not all your peeps will explode. Only the "strong" ones will survive. *Cackles*

    And above all have fun!


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