Conditioning Your Cutting Board to Last

My cutting board 30 year old, hand-shaped
and paraffin dipped by my grandfather, needs help

Once upon a time your wooden cutting board was alive, in a forest, a growing tree or bamboo plant. Its a natural material that maintains some of its living characteristics. Wood changes, and mostly degrades as it gets older. You can help it look its best and last longer by condition your wood cutting board with oil. The oil rub down prevents bacteria growth and resist lacerations in the wood.

The oil spreads to the dry areas on its own

Pour 1/4 cup walnut oil or common pharmaceutical mineral oil (cheaper) on your board and rub with a cloth over all sides, top, and bottom. My father's pours the oil on the board and lets it sit over night allowing the board to absorb the oil where it needs it naturally. Let sit for 6-8 hours. Wash if residual oil lingers on top.


The oil treated wood deepens in color, and fills in parched cracks to look alive. The absorbed oil leaves a satisfying slick natural feeling.

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  1. Pro tip; wash first then an overnight Kosher salt rub to kill micro organisms first.


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