Nip Nip Turnip

Lots of turnips to dispose of in my diet this summer. Lovely, juicey, pure white, crunchy turnips. Turnips teetter the line between starch and radish, and share qualities with diakon and jicima. A fresh turnip is firm and mellow with a mild bite. Skip those grocery store turnips, they are probably old and bitter. Fresh farm and green market turnips are my model for these turnip to-dos:

1) Plain!
But a little salt is nice. I cut them into spears or slices and pack them with my lunch.

2) With Dip
Hummous, pesto, white bean, salsa etc.

3) As a Base
Crispy turnips can definitely be sliced and cut into shapes. Consider a a little salad atop a square of turnip, or as the bottom layer of an appetizer, maybe supporting some pulled pork, shrimp, or raw tuna. Turnips are the new cracker!

4) Pickled
Very tradional Middle-Eastern side. A quick refridegerator pickle, colored with beet juice, looks great with other foods. Find a recipe here -->

5) Glazed
I think this may be the dish that makes people hate turnips, but apparently someone likes it. I suppose a supporting cast of butter and broth raise this one up.

6) Gratin
Slice potato and turnip 1/8" thick. Layer into a buttered casserole/gratin dish. Top with salt, pepper, some fresh thyme or rosemary, and minced garlic. Cover with cream and broth (more broth then cream) until more than half way over the turnips and potato slices. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Cover with foil, and back for 1 hour at 350. Remove foil and cook until cheese is brown. Gratin should be bubbling, and vegetables will be tender.

7) Sauteed
I take one small apple and one small turnip, cut them in cubes, toss with oil, nutmeg, and salt and cook in a skillet until brown on all sides. A nice side dish for any kind of protein, and sometimes I cook an egg on top and call it breakfast. Also try sauteing with other veggies like carrot, parsnip, or sweet potato.

8) Mashed
Again, not my style, but there are lots of recipes on

9) Thin Sliced
Slice em thin on a mandolin or grater. Would be nice addition to a slaw or a simple salad of its own.

10) Soup
Try a chunky "peasant" style soup or maybe a classic creamy purée.


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