Coco Loco M&Ms

Packaging sells you on the idea of getting tropical with the M&M guys.
Oh how they tempt.

I spotted Limited Edition Coconut M&Ms at a corner deli in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I came in for cough drops, but left with white bag of M&Ms you see above. They taste like suntan lotion coated M&Ms, which may mean they taste like chocolaty summer. I approve of their bulbous shape and green, white, brown palate. Wouldn't it have been great if they were just brown and white? The candy is not half bad, but not half good. The ingredients reveal no coconut products were used to make this candy. Coconut flavored M&MS are out there floating around, so go buy some for the beach. Its like being on a deserted island with a candy coating.

More photos of the new M&Ms on


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