Taiwan Vietnam Delicious Food 台越美食

Today's "New to Me" came to me from my excellent boyfriend, who is wonderful and I feel thankful for every day. A fewVietnamese places have been popping up around the neighborhood. 台越美食 caught my eye right away as there always seem to be people coming in or out. This place doesn't have an English name yet, so I'm calling it Taiwan Vietnam Delicious Food, because that is exactly what the name means Chinese. I haven't traveled to Vietnam, yet, and I am no expert on the cuisine. I get the sense that most Vietnamese food in Taiwan has been "tweaked" to meet the Taiwan palette. By that I mean more sweet than salty, and never aggressively spicy.

BBQ pork on rice with a fried egg, green papaya salad and cabbage. The sides are better than the meat, but it was ok. 

Green papaya salad is always my favorite at Vietnamese restaurants, crunchy, sour, spicy. This one had a few little shrimps too. Green papaya salad is always welcome in my home in hot weather.

Spring rolls, these were pretty meh. I don't recommend them.

Chicken curry with a bag of rice on the side. Hats off to whoever cooked this chicken. You can taste the love and patience. The chicken was falling apart, and so delicious. The curry was rich with big pieces of lemon grass. I'm looking forward to eating this again and again. Along with the green papaya salad, it is my top reccomendation.

The English and Chinese menu is great! Our total meal was $270 NTD, or less than $5 usd a person. Not bad for a meal that included shrimp, pork, and chicken.

台越美食 Taiwan Vietnam Delicious
#15-1 Sec. 2 He'Ping East Rd, Da'An Dist, Taipei
tel: 02-27351750 


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