New to Me: Bog Tea Shop 波哥茶飲

How can you possibly consume all the tea and coffee in Taiwan? Glass by glass, let's see if I can! This morning I ventured slightly outside of my neighborhood and found a nice cup of green WenShan tea at Bog Tea shop right at next to the Da'an MRT on South Fuxing Rd in Taipei. Ordering tea in Taiwan can be a little overwhelming, but there are plenty of good resources to help beginners. I usually take my tea with half ice and half sugar. Even so, this green tea was a little on the sweet side. A few bitter notes linger which I like.

The English, Japanese, and Chinese menu is very foreigner friendly. Click the images for a larger version.

Bog Tea Shop Da'An Branch; 波哥茶飲大安區
No. 321, Sec. 1 Fuxing South Rd, Da’an District, Taipei
Bog Tea Shop Da'an Facebook page


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