Flatbush Farm Share CSA Week 1

 You better believe that half and half is going right over those berries

Its only been a month since my last CSA pick up, but I was so hungry for my first pick up of the summer season. Its time for sugar snap peas, strawberries and arugula you can identify by scent from 5 feet away. Ooh its happening, all this week of the Flatbush Farm Share. I'm getting a single share (what you see above) of vegetables, sort of like a half share I think, single share fruit, 1/2 dozen eggs and 12 oz of half and half care of Milk not Jails. Tempeh, coffee, yogurt, and cheese are also availiable too, which is an incredible variety. Thats practically everything you need. I should mention that the sugar snap peas were nearly perfect and I ate about 1/3 raw between home and photographing. 

Flatbush Farm Share CSA Week 1
1 bunch collards
1 bunch romaine lettuce
1 bunch arugula
1 bunch rabini (young broccoli rabe)
1 bunch beets

June is strawberry time

1 quart strawberries
2 large apples
12 oz half and half
1/2 doz eggs


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