Dried Peppers

Much hotness

Right before my CSA ends there is usually an onslaught of food I can't quite eat in a week. These foods usually include many pounds of apples, many varieties of giant gourds, and a relatively small amount (less than a pound even) of hot hot peppers. Last year I canned them with oil. This year, not knowing what to do, I kept them in a pile by the window. I have piles of vegetables decorating my home like rich people have bouquets of hydrangea. Some of the peppers dried out on their own. A swell way to preserve them until I'm ready to tap their heat.

You can do the same with any mixture of peppers you grow or get from the market. I plan to make some spunky chili powder and give it away for Christmas. The following is less of a recipe an more of a suggestion. Easy nonetheless.

Dried Peppers
Several dried peppers, whole but rinsed

Heat oven to 150 degrees. Place peppers on a tray. Allow to dry out in warm oven 2-3 hours.

Wrinkled hotness


  1. My apartment is the same way! Our neighbors had a little garden this summer and kept giving us more veggies than we knew what to do with. We had peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers decorating our kitchen for the longest time! Love the look of the hot peppers- I wish I was on your Christmas guest list!

  2. Lovely dried peppers.


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