CSA Week 4

This is barely half of my vegetables. Imagine this is pretty
much what I have to eat in one week. Oh the challenge!

Another triumphant week of vegetables. I honestly think my shoulder is a little sore from hauling the suckers home. I'm motivated to eat more salad! I think I'll be eating bunch of omelets this week. I didn't buy any other kind of protein this week.

What I got:
Beets, 5 small
Red Potatoes, 2 lb
Purslane, a huge bunch
Parsley, a small bunch
Garlic, 1 head
Summer Squash, 1
Zucchini, 1 large, but not as large as the first week
Cucumbers, 3
Lettuce, 1 head
Yellow and Green Beans, 2 lbs
Tomatoes, 7 small/medium
Onions, 2 large with greens
Turnip, 1 big one


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