Day 002: Sydney

I did well the first 2 days in Sydney. I was very mentally awake. What happens to your physical body on a 14 hour time difference is out of your control. It was raining and gray, so first priority in the morning was buying umbrellas. Afterwards off to Blacktown to love on some marsupials, reptiles, and birds. Australia really has great wildlife even if half of it (spiders, snakes, crocs, dingos, stingers, jellies, etc.) will kill you.

Koalas are like little furry people

I pet the kangaroo after it grabs the food I was feeding it away.

Wallabys are miles cuter than kangaroos, this one followed us around.

Wiped after an afternoon of cuddling marsupials we headed to the Rocks towards Sydney Central. Lord Nelsons is the oldest pub in Sydney, and brews its own beer. Most beers in Australia are watery, but the beer at Lord Nelson's is excellent.

Pure drinks, food and rugby at Lord Nelsons in Sydney

Lord Nelson's beer list

Ketchup is called tomato sauce. Never mind because sweet chili is the new ketchup. Its bright pink with little chili bits floating in it. A bit like sweet an sour sauce. Not at all spicy. It comes with fries, chips, wedges along side sour cream. Sour cream is unbelievably luscious here. Thicker and with less tang than America's sour cream. I could eat it by the spoonful, or just apply it to my thighs as they say in my family.

Potato wedges with sweet chili and sour cream at Lord Nelsons, top notch pub fare

We tried reading the paper and playing pass and play Scrabble while digesting plate of wedges and a few pints of beer. Not a bad way to pass a Sunday afternoon unless World Cup Rugby is on. It was. Until I learn the rules, rugby is just a violent beastly man on man in shorty shorts sport.

After a few hours a walk, train ride, and stop at the bottle shop for white wine we sat down for seafood at Garfish in Kirribilli. Its BYOB. Its chilly but they have lovely covered outdoor seating with area heaters. Pacific oysters are plump with a clean ocean flavor. Again they come with sweet chili, like most things in Australia.

Snapper pie with broccoli rabe

Garfish serves an elegant list of regular dishes including snapper fish pie, fish and chips, salt and pepper squid, and a few more. The highlight is the specials hauled daily from the ocean. I had the famed Australia favorite barramundi. A thick moist flavorful piece of fish that practically melts in your mouth. Served on a comforting and familiar bed of peas and potatoes I can't imagine a better meal.

Barramundi on buttered peas and potatoes

For dessert, or do they say pudding, we had caramel ice cream on a Belgian waffle. Indulgent. Rolling off our chairs, we made our way down to the waterfront for the best view in Sydney. Sydney's harbor is full of nooks, crannies, and beaches, but only this view includes the Opera House and bridge. It was nearly 50 degrees by now, and jet lag attacks after 8 pm, so off to bed. No Sydney night life for me. Food, koala, and coffee.


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